MS Dhoni launches SEVEN – The active lifestyle brand for young India

Press Release

RS Seven Lifestyle (P) Ltd, a part of Rhiti Group has launched its active lifestyle brand, SEVEN.

Under the ‘SEVEN’ banner, the company will manufacture and market running, training, indoor, sports and leisurewear apparel and footwear. SEVEN is a young, energetic brand designed to appeal to the modern youth – changemakers – who are bold, confident go-getters, unafraid to go after what they want on their own terms. The brand aims to drive home the point that fitness is accessible to not just sportspersons but everybody, whether you want to break a world record or simply break a sweat.

At SEVEN’s launch, India’s ‘Captain Cool’, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was also announced as the brand’s global ambassador. As an icon of this new, younger, more confident India, Dhoni, the country’s most successful cricket captain projects SEVEN’s can-do attitude.

A lot of research and development has gone into crafting the SEVEN product range that will be available across India and other international markets.

Models showcased the SEVEN collection and MS Dhoni did the star-turn as the showstopper. The brand’s TVC featuring young India and MS Dhoni was unveiled for the first time to the press & media. The film espoused and advocated change, one day at a time, portraying the young generation as the changemakers of India.

Speaking about the company’s foray into the retail business, Mr. Arun Pandey, Promoter, Rhiti Group said: “At Rhiti Group we have always wanted to be associated with fitness and an active lifestyle in a meaningful manner. We believe fitness is everybody’s right and not the sole domain of sportspeople. ‘SEVEN’ we believe will be the changemaker that nudges people to make this shift not just in the thinking but also in the doing. And in MS Dhoni we have the perfect brand leader to inspire people to do just that.”

Speaking on his association with ‘Seven’, Mahendra Singh Dhoni said: “The SEVEN ambition is all about making fitness an intrinsic part of every city, every town, every school, every home. In my opinion, you don’t have to be a professional athlete to take your fitness seriously. All you need is the motivation to lead an Active Lifestyle. The thought-process and positioning of SEVEN really intrigues me and I think it will strongly resonate with the youth of India as well. It’s a happy coincidence that SEVEN is also the number that I sport on my shirt, which only increases my fondness for the brand. I wish them all the success and I’d like to see their vision for change become a reality.”

Additional quotes:
Kumar Subramanian, CEO, Rhiti Group: “SEVEN is an enabler of a healthy and active lifestyle. It’s a product and philosophy that invites everybody. It is the finest standard of active lifestyle footwear and apparel that is being specifically launched to target not just the cities but every small towns of India. In MS Dhoni we find the perfect embodiment of this ambition and it is our ambition also to soon take SEVEN to the whole world. From a business standpoint, we don’t see ourselves in competition with existing sports brands, we are in direct competition with lethargy, procrastination and the old way doing things. We have invested in design, in research, in production capabilities, but our biggest investment is our faith in the young generation of today’s India.”

Gaurav Bahirvani, Joint President, Global communications, brand & strategy, Rhiti Group: “When you look around we realize that there is no prescribed size, shape or magnitude for a change in lifestyle. SEVEN is a brand that invites you to adopt a change where you like, in the manner you like and at the pace you like. It doesn’t have to something forever; it can even be something you do for a day or even just for a moment. As long as it is a fun-filled process and not a chore. SEVEN applauds the professional athlete but it also recognizes the amateur strife for excellence. And each of our products are meant to enable the changemaker in you.”

Devtosh Jha, Business Head, RS Seven Lifestyle (P) Ltd: “With SEVEN, our ambition right from the start has been to offer an international quality active lifestyle product to every geography of India. Which is why we are a ‘mass-premium’ brand that aims to inspire and bring about a healthier way of living to every consumer in India and eventually across the world. Our distribution has been specifically designed to cater to this goal, while our pricing strategy fits very well with the affordability index of this thumb-texting, Google-researching connected youth of India and the rest of the world. I strong believe that in the coming months, SEVEN has the potential to reposition the athleisure category. Because ultimately, this brand is an idea that is driven by consumers’ aspirations for change.”

About Rhiti Group

Mr. Arun Pandey in New Delhi founded Rhiti Group in 2007. This group has companies involved in the business of sports talent marketing, sports event management, film & entertainment and active lifestyle retailing. RS Seven Lifestyle (P) Ltd is the retailing arm of the group, which offers active lifestyle products in the market under the ‘SEVEN’ brand. For more information about the group, visit