• Talent Representation

    Rhiti Sports cares about its clients, and support them with a strong team. It is a company that focuses on helping athletes attempt to accomplish their dreams through motivation and quality representation. Rhiti Sports understands that players need to focus their attention on their sport and prides itself in offering a one-stop solution to all off field requirements.

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    • Services We Offer

      • Endorsements, appearances, promotions, merchandising, licensing and advertisements.
      • Contract negotiation and drafting.
      • Legal advice.
      • Management of CSR and charitable activities.
      • Lifestyle services.
      • Social media management.
  • Sports Event Management

  • About Us

    We create one of kind experiences for fans and athletes alike that offer additional sources of revenue for our clients. We also own, organise and produce a prestigious programme of innovative, top-tier, events throughout the world. Our ambition is simple – to create enjoyable experiences for fans and athletes that offer additional sources of revenue for our clients.

    Services We Offer

      • Conceptualization & Design
      • Planning, Production & Execution
      • Permissions & Licenses
      • Venue / Ground Management
      • Technicals – SLV
      • Team / Player Management
      • Logistics Management
      • Accreditation

      • Manpower Management
      • Crowd Management
      • Emergency Support
      • Ticketing
      • Security
      • Post event Reporting
      • Database Management
    Our Capabilities
    • All kind of printing solutions.
    • Affordable and realistic pricing of the services offered.
    • Creative solutions.
    • Fabrication & production.
    • Permissions and negotiations with the concerned parties.
    • On the site implementation & execution.
    • Reports & feedback.
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  • Sponsorship Landscaping

  • Rhiti Sports expertises in delivering relevant, cost effective and meaningful sponsorship campaigns. By researching competitive environment, marketing and business objectives, TG and demographics, we create and execute strategies that deliver tangible value. Having trouble finding the ideal sponsorship opportunities that align with the brand image? We offer best packages, and manage sponsorship opportunities to maximize your return. For help executing a sponsorship campaign, please Contact Us.

    How We Help

    • Association with Federations
    • Access to Sports Calendar
    • Deep Marketing insights for corporates
    • Long standing partnerships with corporates in India & MNC’s worldwide
    • Strong team across India & partnered network
    • Generating Media exposure
    • Leverage Sponsorship assets through activations
    • Turnkey Solutions
  • Original Content Production


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    Inspired Entertainment is Rhiti Group’s film production venture. ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ – the company’s first movie turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year, and also set a new benchmark for upcoming biopics. The movie ran on over 4500 screens in India and was released in over 70 countries. As Inspired Entertainment was gearing up for other exciting projects, ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ made it to the list of 336 feature films eligible for the Oscars.

    Services We Offer

    • Story Writing
    • Script Development
    • Budgeting
    • Scheduling
    • Casting
    • Production
    • Editing & Re – Recording
    • Distribution
    • Promotion / Launch
    • OTT Distribution
    • Broadcasting Partnerships
    • Film Production, Marketing & Distribution
    • Web Series Development
    • Exclusive Interviews
    • Behind the Scenes / Making Of Series
    • Advertorials
    • In Film Brand Placements
    • Documentaries & Short Films
    • Branded & Sponsored Content Development & Marketing

  • Consulting, Advisory & Licensing

  • With Rhiti Sports on your side, you have leading strategic legal, governance and commercial experts with the experience, skills and network in the sports business sector.
    We will deliver what you can’t find elsewhere – always in a professional, effective and timely manner. Services are provided to international and national sports federations, leagues, clubs, players/athletes, agents and other stakeholders in sports. At the same time, we are best equipped to consult commercial entities in the fields of good governance and compliance.

    Services We Offer

    • Country Launch Strategy
    • Distribution Advisory
    • Product Development
    • Partnerships
    • Sponsorship Valuation & Evaluations
    • Brand Management
    • Business / Project Viability & Risk Management
    • Licensing Strategy, Partnerships, Rights
    • Market Discipline
    • Legal & Statutory Compliance
    • Contract Development
  • Media, Marketing & Advertising

  • Creating and building a brand that builds and sustains trust is what we do. Today’s consumers are more informed, connected, incredulous, vested and challenging – all because of the internet. Therefore, to be effective in reaching and engaging today’s consumer, we always focus on the end result that we want to achieve. We will not only help define your position, but will also keep you on the track.

    Services We Offer

    • Branding
    • Media Buying
    • Digital Marketing
    • Public Relations & Social Media
    • Event Management
    • Graphic Design
    • TV & Film Production
    • Outdoor Advertising
    • ATL/BTL Marketing
  • Sports Based Ventures


  • Seven, a fitness and active lifestyle brand, fosters the free spirited youth of today and lives by the principle of revolutionising the democratisation of sports and re-infuse the true spirit of sportsmanship for a healthy lifestyle. Spread across various fitness categories of running, training and lifestyle sport, the collection encompasses a wide range of running and training footwear, apparel and accessories for both men and women. Each Seven’s product incorporates industry’s latest technologies across categories and blends to be a perfect combination of style with comfort.

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the brand ambassador of SEVEN & also co-owns the footwear division of the business.


  • Fit7 is one of the fastest growing fitness studio chains in India. With best-in-class fitness facilities, Fit7 aims at creating fitter and healthier lifestyle. It offers exclusive membership services, high-quality coaching and modern facilities at an affordable cost.

    Fit7 aims at revolutionize the way Indians approach their fitness regime. We want to create a nation with a fitness culture that breeds athletes. Our measure for fitness shall be on functional performance rather than plain aesthetics. For more Click Here.

  • Golf7 aims to develop and manage the entire operations of running and maintaining golf courses and resorts along with identification of young talent which can be groomed and mentored to participate in professional golf tournaments. The learners in our programmes are often children that would never have come into contact with golf, and the additional social benefit this exposure brings is immense. Golf7’s impact lies with the sport itself. We actively broaden the golfing community and transform its composition to be more representative of society.